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Outbound Training


Empowering Organizations

Exploring changes, bridging gap through facilitated learning process with the medium of Outdoors.

Why Experiential Learning?
We are firm believer of methodology of ‘outdoors’ as a medium for addressing learning of life skills. We are focused on transforming organizational environment using outdoor experiences using activities in the natural environment for self-awareness, interpersonal growth, team building and leadership development.

In our thought process, we believe growth of human being happens through experiential learning & through collective efforts.Outbound Management development programs are powerful medium to make these things happen.

Experiential Learning
1) Corporate Outbound Management Development Programs.        2) Employee engagement programs.       3) Fun & Learn – Team Building Activities. (Activity Holidays)

Company Culture Based Programs

Every organization has its own culture that describes how employees aspire to work together and to lead others It provides standards for assessing behavior and performance of the employees. Realizing and actually living this culture through various adventure activities, games and facilitating to live its values.

Team Building

Enhancing the transfer of the learning drawn from the outdoor experiences. This can be achieved through outdoor adventure activities like Raft Building, Trust fall, Leap of Faith, Ladder Climb, Development Activities & many more.

One Day Programs

Initiation for new team
Establishing trust in between employees
Increasing bonding between teams
Entering the stretch zone

Conflict Management

Observing and improving interpersonal skills, removing communication blocks, building abilities to express and resolve differences in an unstressed manner.
Activities like Upside down, centripetal walk, Tie-untie, Trust Building. .


UAR) Understand – Act – Reflect.
U - Understand the situation. Individual & Team understands the situation. They are allowed to prepare strategy to deal with the situation.
A - Individual/ Team act on the situation in particular time. It’s time to test the result of the strategy.
R - Everyone is allowed to share their views on the experiences. Relating the outbound experiences to the real life situation makes positive impact. .

Leadership Development

Identifying traits of employees by involving them into Strategy Making, Goal setting, Planning of Resources, Decision-making, etc.Outdoor Team Activities like Reach Camp, Treasure Hunt, Three Islands, Roller Coaster, Cobweb, Amazon Walk, A-frame, Roman with facilitation makes changes in participants’ behavior.

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