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Privacy Policy

Wevalue your privacy! BackPackers Outdoor takes the protection andproper use of your personal information seriously, whether you justbrowse the BackPackers Outdoor.in website or plan and purchase a tripthrough us. This Privacy Policy is to inform you of the informationthat we collect from you, how we collect it, and what we do with theinformation we collect. We will only use the informationwe collect for the purposes of enhancing your BackPackers Outdoorexperience and providing you with a more personalized trip-planningprocess. At no time will we sell, trade, or rent yourpersonal information to third parties.

We strive to achievethe highest privacy standards on the web, and we hope we can meetyour needs. If you have any questions about our PrivacyPolicy or suggestions on how to handle your privacy even better,please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Whatdoes BackPackersOutdoor dowith the information it collects from me?
We use personalinformation primarily for the purposes of contacting you regardingyour account, fulfilling requests for information, to ensure thesuccessful fulfillment of your trip arrangements, and for providingcustomer support.

BackPackers Outdoor Membership
Whenusing our website, BackPackersOutdoor.com, you may wish to registeras a BackPackers Outdoor member. Registering allows youto save and reserve trips, purchase trips, post reviews of previoustrips you have taken, participate in our travel forum, register tripson our gift registry, and receive our newsletters.

To registeras a BackPackers Outdoor member we will ask you for your first andlast name, your email address (which will serve as your username),and a unique password. You may also wish to update your profilewith other personal information that is required to purchase a trip,such as your id no and age. We will use your email address tocontact you regarding your activities on the website, and to notifyyou of trip confirmations and other information yourequest.

BackPackers Outdoor Newsletters
Youmay choose to subscribe to BackPackers Outdoor's newsletters whichwill be sent to you via email. Should you decide you nolonger wish to receive these newsletters in the future you can replyto any email with "Remove" in the subject .

You must be a BackPackers Outdoor member to reserve atrip on BackPackers Outdoor.in We will notify you viaemail when you reservation is confirmed, and then you can sign intothe site to view your reserved trips or to purchase reservedtrips.

Purchasing Trips
In order to purchase a trip throughBackPackers Outdoor we must collect other personal information aboutyou and your fellow travelers due to the nature of internationaltravel. We collect information about your address, yournationalize identification card information, and age and healthinformation as requested by our local Travel Providers to help themoffer you a safe and comfortable personal experience. Wealso collect credit card information to collect payment for thetrip.

Sharing Information with our Travel Providers
Weshare only the information that you have provided to us through thebooking process with the local travel providers running your trip toensure the successful fulfillment of your trip arrangements. In the Travel Provider Agreement, BackPackers Outdoor contractuallyobligates all of our local providers to abide by our privacypolicies, and to promise not to sell, trade, or rent your personalinformation to third parties, nor to contact you for any reason thanto help prepare for your upcoming trip. We cannotguarantee all Travel Providers will comply with thisobligation.

Share with a Friend
BackPackers Outdoorvisitors can choose to share trips they have seen or purchased withother people. When you do this, you are required toregister or sign in and then enter the email address of the personyou want to share information with. We will automaticallysend a one-time email to this person inviting him or her to visit thewebsite and view the content you wished to share with them. It is then up to your friend to become a BackPackers Outdoor memberif they wish to receive further information from us about our siteand services.

Third Parties
We do not control the privacypolicies of advertisers or other third parties that have web siteslinked to our site. If you click on an advertisement orlink, the privacy policies of the web site that you link to willgovern the use of your information by that website's operator. We assume no responsibility or liability for the action of such thirdparties with respect to their use of your information or otherwise. We encourage you to be aware when leaving our site and read theprivacy statements of each and every website that collects personallyidentifiable information. This Privacy Policy applies solely toinformation collected by this website..

We feel strongly about protecting the privacy ofchildren. We will not knowingly collect or use anypersonal information from children we know to be under the age ofthirteen. In addition, once we are notified we willdelete any information on our databases that originates from a childunder the age of thirteen.

Website Content you post andcommunications with others
If you voluntarily disclose informationin a public area of this site, such as our Adventure Travel Forum, orwhen writing a review of a trip, that information may be collectedand used by a third party to send you unsolicited messages,advertisements or for other purposes. We do not controlthe actions o these third parties in public areas of the site, so ifyou disclose information in a public area, you do so at your ownrisk.

Non-Personal Information
We use non-personalinformation to track use of our website and services, and for otherinternal purposes such as providing, maintaining, evaluating, andimproving our services and website.

How we protect yourdata
This website takes every precaution to protect our users'personal information. When you submit sensitiveinformation via the site, your information is protected both on andoff-line. All information you provide online is stored ona secure database on our servers. When you transmitpersonally identifiable information over our site through registeringor purchasing a trip, we use industry standard security (SSL)technology. We never share your credit card or other financial datawith our local travel providers, and we use industry leading HackerSafe to test the safety of our site daily by running over 10,000tests daily.

Notification of Changes
If we everdecide to change our privacy policy, we will notify you by sendingyou an email message, posting notice of a privacy policy update onour home page, or through the use of cookies, informing you when youfirst sign on to the website after we have made changes. At that time you will have the opportunity to review our proposedpolicy to make sure you understand our practices and procedures andto notify us if you do not want us to use your information inaccordance with the new policy.

What types of informationdoes BackPackersOutdoor collectfrom me?

Personal Information
We collect personalinformation directly from you when you register to become aBackPackers Outdoor member and when you purchase a trip. We also collect personal information on all passengers traveling oneach trip. Personal Information is information that canbe used to identify you individually, such as your name, mailingaddress, phone number, email address, credit card number, andfinancial information.

We also collect non-personal information from you,such as your browser type, the URL of the previous website youvisited, your ISP, operating system, and your IP Address. This information cannot be easily used to personally identifyyou.

How does BackPackersOutdoor collectmy information?

Personal Information
We collect personalinformation from you when you provide it to us.

Like the operators of most websites we use analyticand reporting technologies to record Non-Personal Information such asInternet domain and host names, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses,browser software and operating system types, clickstream patterns,and the dates and times that the website is accessed.

Acookie is a small piece of information that is sent to your browserfrom a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Most web sites use cookies. We use cookies to track your use of thewebsite, to provide you with a more personalized user experience suchas keeping track of items you stored in My Itinerary, and to allowyou to sign in and begin use of our services automatically when youvisit the website. A cookie can't read data off your harddrive or read cookie files created by other sites. Theonly personal information a cookie contains is the information youprovide yourself.

Someadvertisers on our site may use cookies on our site as well. We have no access to or control over these cookies. ThisPrivacy Policy covers the use of cookies by BackPackers Outdoor onlyand does not cover the use of cookies by anyadvertisers.

Acceptanceof Privacy Policy
If you use the site, you are accepting the termsand conditions of this Privacy Policy, and we will have the right touse your information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to have your information used in any of the waysdescribed in this Privacy Policy, you must discontinue use of thesite