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With Bagpackers, it was a real adventure. The guide provided by your company had a very excellent knowledge and also he was well equipped with the medicines for any emergency. I had not seen this before. I was alone when I checked with you for a trek, but after the trek I was happy to identify 6 new friends.

I will not only recommend your services to others but will also be a lifetime member of your group in future. Do consider me for all the future trekking events in Maharashtra

Salome ( Us Tourist).
As a home maker, I used to alwaysprefer to stay at home. I am an adventure loving person, but I had afear to actually do it. Though my daughter and husband alwaysinsisted me to go for treks, rafting, gliding, but I used to postponeit for any reasons. May be the fear in me had overtaken the joy ofdoing something adventurous.

One day, through a neighbor of mine,I came to know about Backpackers. Their son had gone to theparagliding activity conducted by Backpackers and was saying all goodwords of appreciation about them. I kept my fingers crossed andenrolled for the activity which was scheduled on the coming Sunday.The fees were also very reasonable. We had to take our own vehicleand we reached at around 3 pm at Pavnanagar near Lonavala. My bloodpressure was on a rise and I think it had reached its max when Iactually saw the paragliding activity. I decided to skip it and trynext time.

It was then, when I met Pranav ofbackpackers. He explained me all the things including the safetyequipments, flying rules, wind flow, precautions and trainings. I waseased a bit. But still was in a dilemma whether to go for it or not.But lastly as he cleared all my doubts and gave me the confidencethat I needed, I decided to fly.

The further experience can’tbe described in words as I recommend everyone to actually do it oncein a life time. It really feels like heaven as you watch thesurroundings from the bird’s eye. This experience proved an icebreaker for me and I did another 2 sessions of paragliding the nextmonth itself.

Hats off to Pranav and his team, forsuch a wonderful and memorable experience of my life.

Manasi Divekar ( HomeMaker)
With Backpackers Outdoor we hadarranged a two night’s tour to Mount Abu. We are a coachingclass with around 55 students and 8 teachers. We were amazed toexperience such an amazing service from Backpackers Outdoor. The ACbuses that they had arranged were excellent and clean. Theaccommodation was beyond our expectation and the food they served uson the camp was so tasty that we actually forgot that it’s nota home, but it’s a camp. Their chef provided us with Jain foodwhich was not on our agenda or contract. They had taken care even ofthe smallest things.

The trek thereafter and sightseeingwas no match for their competitors as their team surprised us withmany surprise elements in the tour.

We recommend Backpackers Outdoor forevery outdoor trips or tours to anyone and everyone as there is noone like them.


Mr. Sudhir Kulkarni (Vidyajyoti Academy).
I went to the Pawna Dam trek on 1st June & what an amazing experience it was. Pranav, the group organizer is calm & sorted which helps alot in organizing successful adventure trips. Everyone was fun loving & stayed together as a 1 integrated group all through the journey.
Tarun S.
its a great group under its hard working, sincere n dedicated founder Pranav. the activities are well planned & executed to everybody's mutual satisfaction. Always found people friendly & ready for dhamall n masti. Been with this group many times n thoroughly enjoyed each time..
Capt. Kashish S..
Group is getting mature with more n more good people. Every trip requires contribution of each n every member to make it a big success. The good thing is that i have seen the spirit in last two trips that is required for any successful group. Rajgad n mahabaleshwar trips were amazing and i have only attended these two. All the best Pranav for future trips and yes you are doing a fabulous job.
Naveen S.